We all need help sometimes


Today the deer entered the garden. They had smelt a new plant and pulled it out of the pot, having chewed the leaves. They then left it on the grass. I picked it up and plonked it back in the hole the deer had left.
I was left thinking this is a bit like life, especially when you have children. Life is beautiful and all seems to be going well, then all of a sudden (or so it seems) we can feel like this plant. Chewed up and left on the grass. We plonk ourselves back in the hole, but like this plant without any roots and it might work or it might not. We live in hope that the deer of our life aren’t going to appear again and have another chew.

Sometimes we need to take another route and like me with the deer need help. I don’t know how to stop them so I need to go to someone who does.

With parenting it’s no different. It can help if we can talk things over with someone who can suggest other routes. Or we can ignore the problem until the next time the deer visits the garden…….

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