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Islay appeared on BBC Three Counties Radio on Friday 9th March 2018 (Click Here to listen to the program). She answered questions in response to the recent Channel Five programme ‘Violent Child, Desperate Parents’. If you are experiencing problems and would like more information please either email us at [email protected] or telephone Islay on 07380 282751.

On Wednesday 14th March 2018 (11 am) Islay will be appearing on the Maria Rodrigues Show (Woman to Woman) where she will be outlining the successful results of recent APS participants.

Premier Radio:
Islay and Kim were interviewed on Premier Radio on the 17th July 2017.  They spoke about the exciting new Advanced Parenting Skills programme. If you missed it then please catch up by clicking the link below:


If you heard the broadcast and would like more information please either email us at [email protected] or telephone Islay on 07380 282751

What happens when children become more than just challenging?

Most of the time parents do a fantastic job; but, there is no manual for parenting and there are times when every parent will struggle and have doubts. Children, by their very nature, will challenge parents in ways that are difficult to predict. This is normal and parents are usually able to navigate successfully through these episodes. However, in some cases, the process can tear families apart. There is sometimes an increase of verbal aggression within the home and this can spill out into physical violence. This is likely to happen ‘behind closed doors’ and parents will often feel ashamed or embarrassed to talk about it. We specialize in listening and presenting parents with ideas and options that can help at times of difficulty. We call this ‘Advanced Parenting Skills’.

In association with Paul Hamlyn Foundation, HarveyAshe has developed a parenting programme called Advanced Parenting Skills.


HarveyAshe are based in the south of England; however, we assist families all over the UK via our web-based video conferencing system.

Use the menu at the top of the page to find out more about our Advanced Parenting Skills course and if you would like to find out about the current costs and about a number of fully-funded places (providing you with the full 12 session course at no cost) then click here.

Who are we?

Islay and Kim have more than 33 years combined experience working with families and have worked together for the past 12 years.

Kim has a BSc in psychology and is a qualified relationship counsellor. She has worked as a Parenting Specialist in the Youth Offending Service and currently delivers online coaching and skills training in mental health services.

Islay initially qualified as a nurse and moved into parenting support. Over the years, she has focused on how behaviour can affect the whole family. She is trained in multi-family therapy by The Marlborough Unit (London) and is now acknowledged as a parenting expert. She is a regular contributor to TV and Radio shows including the Chanel 5’s series ‘My Violent Child’ and BBC documentary ‘Blame the Parents’; she has also recently advised on storylines in shows such as ‘Coronation Street’. Islay has first-hand experience of many of the issues faced by parents as she is an approved foster carer and specialised in complex teenage cases.