Welcome to the on-line meetings page. This page will help you get ready for your first meeting.

Before your first appointment, you will receive a date and time for the meeting via email. The email will also include a clickable link that is only valid for you and for your meeting time. (Please note that you will receive a new clickable link for each subsequent meeting.)

It is a good idea to test your connection before your first appointment.

You will be asked who you are; select ‘Guest’ and type in your name. This test meeting allows anyone to join – in a real meeting only you will be able to join the meeting.

The link here will take you to an empty meeting room, where you can test your computer system and download any additional pieces of software that you may need:

The meeting may require some items to be installed on your computer. Try clicking on the link now to see if you can connect (note: the first time you connect can take a few minutes… please be patient).

If you are having problems connecting, please email our tech support people at

If you get a grey screen with the message that nothing is being shared, you have successfully joined the meeting. It will look something like this: