Advanced Parenting Skills

Advanced parenting skills focuses on increasing self-awareness, improving communication, finding positives in a situation and finding a balance of parent and children’s needs. It offers parents an opportunity to investigate their children’s behaviour. Parents are encouraged to look at why they react in the way that they do and to explore possible alternatives. This can result in a calmer home life and improved quality of life for families. 

Advanced Parenting Skills (APS) is a programme that offers parents access to real-time therapeutic support in their own homes via web-based teleconferencing. Parents take part in a face-to-face session which is guided by an APS Practitioner. They will be given the opportunity to explore the techniques and approaches from the book ‘Parenting a Violent Child’. Through these sessions, parents are supported in making lasting changes to their own and their child’s behaviour. Providing support over the Internet enables sessions to be easily accessible, flexible and individually tailored.

Who can benefit?

Parenting is hard and, at times, all parents need support. Therefore, any parent can benefit regardless of their child’s age. Depending on the level of support required, APS provides parents with an opportunity to explore their own parenting skills; this maybe a one-off session or a 12-session programme. The benefits of APS include: improving relationships within the family, increasing school attendance and building confidence and resilience within the family.

This project will give you the opportunity to;

  • Discover the art of communication
  • Experience less parental stress
  • Feel more competent and confident as a parent
  • Consider your own and your child’s needs.
  • Support your child’s goals and dreams
  • Have a better understanding of the reasons behind your child’s behaviour
  • Communicate clear rules and expectations of your child
  • Learn to set and maintain appropriate boundaries in a loving manner
  • Use improved joint problem solving skills
  • Have a deeper understanding of your own and your child’s strengths and values
  • Have more fun together as a family.

This project is funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation